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Roof Restoration

Roof restoration

Restoring failing roofs offers myriad benefits.  Faster, cleaner and less labor intensive than roof replacement, restoration saves money and is less disruptive.  Roof service life is also extended and less material is sent to landfills.  For building owners with aged infrastructures, it’s often the best and most practical way to improve roof performance while staying on budget.

Roof Maintenance

Roof Maintenance

Deployed proactively, roof maintenance is critical to maximizing roof performance, reducing leaks and extending service life.  ONeill Contractors offers regularly scheduled inspections and cleaning to ensure small problems are corrected before they become big, expensive ones.

Roof Replacement

Oneill Contractors Roofing services

Because every roof eventually has a life cycle, we install new roof solutions designed to meet our customers’ prescribed budgets, sustainability, energy and business priorities. We offer a wide assortment of system options for flat roofs, as well as vegetative and solar solutions as required.

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“We enjoyed working with ONeill Contractors. They understood our expectations and those of our QC Officer. They performed well and were cooperative from the beginning to end.”

Chuck Bathurst Sr. Project Manager Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.
Chuck Bathurst Sr. Project Manager Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc.